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Click, buy, deliver and stay on the page!

The consumer is the ultimate shopping destination. Turn every advertisement and advertorial into an instance of a web store. Upgrade your advertising experience to a seamless shopping experience.

How does Senanga work?

Easy ad creation, management and embedding.

  • Retailers connect their api / product feed and check-out.
  • Publishers, broadcasters and advertisers start check-out enabled advertising campaigns.
  • Consumers click on the Senanga banner ad and buy the product in the instantly pulled in check-out while staying on the publishers page.
  • The retailers, publishers and advertisers receive detailed reports.

Go for it!

Try the shoppable banners here.

Senanga delivers instant shopping in retargeted campaigns, advertorials, second screen applications and video channels. Ads can be served through Google’s DoubleClick Framework for Publishers as well as an easy to use embed code.


Grow as you go, stay ahead.

Our pricing model allows advertisers, publishers and retailers to work together to unlock the potential of seamless instant shopping anywhere.

Cost structure

Tech fee % via media agency or publishers @ monthly fee depending on traffic.

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